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November 30, 2023, 11:34:21 pm
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xx Bunbury LAN
February 10, 2008, 12:31:38 am by RaZoR

NOTE: this is stickied, the latest news will be shown under this

Will do. Also with the gigabit swictches we have only 70 places for those the rest will be on the 100 meg network. This number should hopefully cover those who want to fileshare and games at the same time. So register now to confirm a place just email me again with full names, nicknames and email adresses first 70 will get gigabit if their is more people using gigabit we will concider buying extra swtiches to make up the difference.

The unconfirmed date for the lan is the 19th of April midway through school holidays. Later on i will be posting names of Admins, support admins and security for the event. So these will we the people you can go to when you need a games are having network troubles or anything in general. We will be coordinating tournemts with them and they will have all the nessisary information. As such they will be entitled to special privalages at the lan similar to that of the Admins.

Security will have the right to kick people out of the event should any problems arise. Other then that happy lanning!
We are now a full gigabit lan. All switches will be full gigabit for the next event which date will be yet to be confirmed plz wait on details. All gigabit switches are full gigabit not 100meg with gigabit uplink. People will be placed at all tables to supervise and organise distribution of games and organisation of tournaments so we don't get a repeat of last time with the tournaments.

With the dry ice bomb the main concern we had with that was if someone were to conplain or report us it would probably be the end of all lan's at the SWIC altogether and we would get blaimed as the organisers of the event. To make it clear we don't care should you set off a nuke as long as it's far away from us as possible so it can't be linked to us. Remember once you leave the hall you are no longer with us and we would not liked to get blaimed should you get caught for anything you might do. We understand it's a natural part of life but as long as it doen't happen anywhere near us.

Other then that with the purchase of the switches it'll be clear to us we will be in debt for a while to come so we're still working on maximum numbers we can fit in the hall before the power fails on us but other then that could you tell you friends urge you classmate and advertise in general for the lan. Razor has put us up on his website and that is much apreciated. We'd ask you can do anything to help get more people with some luck we should be able to keep it up for a while.

Also was their any ideas for food we can do pizza runs but without large orders dominos(those pricks) won't provide any discounts since it's a saturday and everything. Also we will be purchasing additional food and drink according to demand. The food will be at resonable shop prices and we just need to know what you would eat and\or drink. We can order in food from other places but we just need to know in advance what you would buy and for how much.

Also we'd like to thank people that have donated to us and provided help and assistance especiatlly those who helped us pack up in the morning that was much appreciated.

In April there will be a LAN in the bunbury area. Expecting up to 100 people, nothing is confirmed yet but these details are all i can give you until closer to the date;

Date: Uncomfirmed, around april school holidays
Venue: SWIC (south west italian club) Bunbury
Cost: $15-20
Places available: 100-ish

Pizza orders available, from eagle boys. Roughly $10.50 for a large size pizza, limited types available. This will be the second LAN of this type. Last LAN went well although we had slow connection. They're in the progress of upgrading and by the time the LAN starts it should be good. You can bring your Consoles (Xbox, ps3 etc.) but if you do you can't bring a computer becuase of power limitations

If you have any questions contact either me,
or colin

If your thinking of comming get your freinds to come with you, the more freinds you bring the less you pay!


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xx Updates
February 10, 2008, 12:31:00 am by RaZoR

new features:

  • added chat box, only members can use, main page
  • changed theme
  • added quick reply

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xx New features
February 06, 2008, 03:53:52 am by RaZoR

I've added a new feature to the site today

  • At the bottom of your posts it has a counter that counts up what u've typed and has a little comment attached

If you don't like this please tell me, also tell me if there are any big problems with it.

Thanks RaZoR

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xx 28/1/08-5/2/08
February 05, 2008, 04:56:52 am by RaZoR

It's been a busy week getting the site ready and getting people to join. But all in all i think it's been worth it. If you want to help the site, please get any gamers you know to check it out. Remember, you invite 10 members, you get global moderator. (i can tell if there you just making 10 accounts). Lifes good for me right now, although with school back things arent going as great as they could be *dreams of holidays*.

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November 30, 2023, 11:34:21 pm

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